• Acclaim Driving School

Acclaim Driving School

Design | Web Development

Working with Acclaim Driving School, we built a new lead generation web site which features a sophisticated instructor finder.

The web site has been designed and built to combine an excellent user experience with search engine optimised pages.

The range of fades and transitions that are used to create a slick and enjoyable experience are done in such a way as not to cause any accessibility problems or prevent use on mobile devices.

The web site also includes a basic ecommerce shop and the ability to content manage pages; create landing pages specifically for Adwords campaigns and to manage and target offer banners within the site.

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  • D&A The Opticians

D&A The Opticians

Design | Web Development

Web site, promotional systems, appointment booking and store locator.

Working with D&A The Opticians, we built and maintain their corporate web site including online promotional systems, appointment booking and store locator functionality.

Our ongoing relationship covers regular promotional updates to keep the site fresh and synchronised with in-store activity as well as larger updates such as search engine optimisation.

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  • George at ASDA

George at ASDA

Web Development

A web application to manage eCommerce web site products and images

When you are running an eCommerce site with over 100,000 product SKU's to keep on top of, the importance of a slick and timely work flow for content delivery can't be over-emphasised.

What the team of product managers and photographers dedicated to keeping the George at ASDA eCommerce web site fresh needed was a web based system to manage this incredible volume of content across a spread of geographic locations.

George at ASDA chose to work with Mooloop on the ongoing development and management of this critical online system.

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  • imago

imago | Loughborough University

Design | Web Development | Web Marketing

From conferences to a health spa, a design to balance business and consumer requirements.

Imago combine a range of venues and facilities for both business and individuals, from conference facilities and exhibition space to beauty therapy and leisure facilities.

Our challenge in designing the new imago web site was to balance the requirements of business customers and individuals, making the breadth of information available easy to navigate for both markets.

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  • Wisheroo


Brand Identity | Design | Web Development

Wisheroo is an online wish list management service, we developed the branding and interface design, and put a magic kangaroo in charge!

It's free to use so why not create an account and get what you really want this Christmas!

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  • Richmond Villages

Richmond Villages

Web Development | Web Marketing

After our initial web site build for Richmond Villages the luxury retirement village brand, we were initially retained to develop both search engine marketing and PPC campaigns.

The web site is now recognised as being a key business generation tool and focus has shifted to ongoing refinements designed to improve conversion rates.

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  • IOSH Annual Report

IOSH Annual Report

Web Development

Web based annual report for the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

Working with the IOSH design team we developed a web site that would provide a solid accessible foundation and then introduce animation to provide a richer browsing experience. Page fades and scrolling was used as well as colour blending to provide a highly interactive feel to the navigation.

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  • newson

Newson Boatbuilders

Brand Identity | Design | Web Development

Newson Boatbuilders needed a web site to communicate their range of services, current projects and to offer boats for sale.

We designed and built the web site to a very short lead time without compromising on production quality.

As part of the project we also created and implemented a new identity.

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  • moobiz


Brand Identity | Design | Web Development

Moobiz is an online business management service, originally created to manage Mooloop it is now available to everyone on a software as a service (SAAS) basis.

More recently we set Moobiz up as it's own independent company.

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